Subject: Thank You Note
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Kiawah Island, SC

Dan and Judy-

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled Ronnie and I were with you both this weekend. Every guest of ours that came into contact with either one of you had wonderful compliments so say. You were both prompt and efficient and it was evident that you are both truly passionate about what you do! As you know weddings are very stressful, but you two both helped put us at ease….....from the time Judy came in my parents room and I saw how she reacted with my niece…...I just knew it was going to be a great experience! So, we just wanted to say thank you and we will be spreading the good word about you both and what a lovely job you did for us.

Kind Regards,
Kathleen & Ronnie

Subject: Thank Note
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Mt. Pleasant, SC

DAN & JUDY!!!!,

The album is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so very much. My parents were so thrilled with the final product and my friends are wishing they had something this special from their weddings. We love it….every single page is awesome. Thanks again!


Subject: Reference Request

Dan gave me your name as a reference for his work. My fiancé and I are leaning heavily towards hiring him for our wedding. We were hoping that you would be kind enough to provide some feedback about your experience with him. In particular we would love to hear your thoughts on:

  1. The wedding album that Dan creates (we have yet to see one of these and are extremely interested in what this product looks like)
  2. How Dan works…ie, in your face all the time, fly on the wall, etc.
  3. The quality of his finished work product
  4. What you liked best about having him as your wedding photographer
  5. What you liked least about having him as your wedding photographer

Thank you for your help as we endeavor to make the best choice possible for one of the most important days in our lives.
Cameron & Jenni

Subject: Reply to Reference

Dear Cameron and Jenni

First let me say congratulations to you both. I wish you both the best in planning your special celebration! Broadly speaking- I interviewed a handful of photographers- in Charleston- and in Atlanta. We knew we wanted someone who was very innovative- and created art in their images. Not only does he outshine all of the others we considered- but since our wedding- I’ve seen some of their work- and they are trying to copy him!

Answers to your questions:

1) I think our album is by far the most beautiful and
unique I’ve ever seen. In part because its us- but mostly because of Dan’s work. Every time we look through it- its like watching stills of a movie of our wedding. The first time I saw it- I cried. Not only are the images so fantastic but what Dan sees and captures is so fantastic. He captures the feelings- the sensory experience- and the utter moment of it all. (Every guy who looks at the album thinks it’s the coolest album they’ve ever seen- and they have to make sure they tell us that beyond earshot of their wives!)

2) Dan is very low-key. He is neither in your face or fly-on-the-wall, but more like a stealth photographer! He and his assistant were clearly everywhere- as their pictures show- but I was never bothered- interrupted- no moment ever broken- by them. They also never had to be ‘located’ as I’ve seen at some weddings.

3) The quality- see #1, and be aware of the passion Dan has for his work- for what he creates as well as delivers- and for making his clients happy. I believe Dan has an emotional attachment to his work that only true and gifted artists do.

4) I liked working with someone so spirited about their work- and so determined to capture a day incredibly important to my husband and me and our families. A lot of people get married everyday- every year- but as far as I knew it was the only wedding that mattered in the world to him!

5) I think everyone has similar stories- but I was so anxious for the images- the wait for the album was tough! I’m sure you are aware that he designs the album- so you don’t pick out any images at all- you just get the finished product. The suspense was awful! It’s a huge burden lifted, believe me, to not have to deal w/ sorting through the pictures- and picking the perfect ones for the book. I would probably still be sorting! And what Dan creates is literally a ‘story’ with his images and details- like I never would have if I had picked them all out. Patience will be very important- Dan works on his own mostly- so he takes on a lot- and wants it all to be perfect.

Subject: Thank You Note
Service: Portrait Photography
Location: Charleston, SC

Hey Dan!!!! I got the Portrait and AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly unbelievable!!!!! I can’t even believe that is me in that picture! Thanks so much – mom will be here Monday and I am sure she will love it too!!!!! I can’t wait to work with you again.. you make it so fun!!!!!! MB

Subject: Thank You Note
Service: Wedding & Portrait Photography
Location: Charleston, SC


Hello!!! It’s been a month now, and I’m still trying to recover from the big day! So much put aside to get back to! :-) I should have sent my thanks to you and Dan quite some time ago, and now I feel that my words will seem insincere since I’m writing to also ask about the website… but they are most certainly not!!

You both were wonderful. I can’t begin to describe the sense of delight and satisfaction that your photos gave to Ron and me when we first saw them! The entire day seemed like such a blur in the days immediately following … we truly were unsure if the reception, in particular, had “happened” the way we had hoped … so many friends and family to engage … the hours seemed like mere minutes. And, join those feelings with the post-event anti-climax … all the preparation and anticipation, and then it’s over! So, when we saw your photographs … everyone having fun (in spite of the chill!), we were so very pleased and happy. And now, every time we look at them … remembering, again and again, the love and joy of the day is truly priceless! Thank you many times over; we are forever grateful for your expertise and obvious dedication to excellence.

So… I know you have many many positive A++ references, but if you ever need one more, please feel free to pass out my contact info. I’d be glad to chat with any mother of the bride (or bride, for that matter), to assure her that she won’t find anyone better than you and Dan!


Subject: Thank You Note
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Charleston, SC



I have been meaning to email you ever since John and I received our albums. Things have been so crazy with new house, family visiting and work…..

Our albums are simply UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so thrilled with them and have been showing them off to everyone!!! You truly captured all the special moments. We are so very pleased and my mother sends her praises to you as well.

John and I are going to Kiawah Aug 28- Sept 4. I think that you might be in Europe during that time but if not, then let’s get together! I want to order some more prints to showcase on our stairway – we can discuss soon!


Subject: Event Planner Thank You
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Charleston, SC

...Sorry it has taken so long to write this, we have been changing Internet providers and it has become a bit of a pain.

Have you seen the photography? Thank you so much for recommending Dan & Judy, they are a delight to work with. Thank you for making “my girl’s” dream come true.


Subject: Email from a Bride
Service: Portrait & Wedding Photography
Location: San Remo, Italy

Hi Dan!

How have you been? How is Judy? Tell her we said hello. How is the house coming along? Twenty questions, I know. Sorry! Yes, Cameron and I would still love to come down and have dinner. School is not over until May but I’ll make a point to swing a weekend down to Charleston.

Thank you so much for posting the zip file of the album on the server. It’s AMAZING!!! It is so neat to see a little preview. I wasn’t going to look at first, but Cameron ended up showing it to his family while he was visiting his grandfather, so I figured I would look too. Truthfully, my curiosity finally got the best of me. Eep, I love it! I can’t wait to show everyone! I mean, I just love it, love it, love it, LOOOOVE IT!

I can’t wait to see it in person and have it resting on the coffee table. Cameron said that when he showed it to his family they were just amazed, nearly speechless. I can’t wait to show it to my friends and family next, and then when the real deal arrives..yay!

Okay, gotta run, I’ll call you tomorrow!


Subject: A Mother’s Thank You
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Charleston, SC


I just wanted to let you know that I received the album a couple of days ago and just unboxed it this morning, swaddled like a new-born baby. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

And the engraving is correct and positioned on the inside of the hard front cover instead of on a paper page like I thought, which is good.

Thanks so much for all your trouble. I’ll probably be ordering a print or two to display in frames as soon as I get a chance to decide.

Thanks again, and a Happy & Prosperous New Year to you and Island Eyes Photography.


Subject: Album Thank You Note
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Charleston, SC

Hey Dan-

We received the album yesterday! It’s fantastic- Geoff and I have been going back and forth through it non-stop since I tore open the box! I am crazy about your combinations of color/black & white/some of the extreme colors- so very cool. I wish I could have TWO of them- or whatever it would take to have all of your wonderful pictures!!!

I want to talk to you on the phone and highlight a few of the pages and images- and hear more about your process! You really caught some key peopleI never mentioned to you- and key moments that I never knew about!

Of course, I have to have some prints of a couple of the images that were really tweaked (like us in the car leaving the chapel)!

Thank you so much Dan- You are so talented- and you clearly worked so hard on all of this for us. We LOVE it!


Subject: Email from a Bride
Service: Wedding Photography
Location: Kiawah Island, SC

Hi Daniel,

How are you? Everyone who sees our album is floored and raves about it being the best they have ever seen. You truly did a fabulous job in capturing the day for us! We LOVE it!!

I wanted to touch base with you regarding our thank you cards. Can we chat to talk about the pictures that you want to use? I would like to get these cards ordered and in the mail soon.

Thanks so much for everything! Please tell Judy we said hi!

Talk to you soon!


Subject: Wedding Experience
Service: Wedding & Portrait Photography
Location: Kiawah Island, SC

Thank you Dan! You and Judy were fantastic and Jeff and I will
definitely recommend you to anyone we can. We are really excited to
see the pictures!